Friday, April 29, 2011

The super-inconvenient truth

I admit, I continue to hold beliefs that are somewhat inconsistent and irrational because it is too painful for me to face the truth. Here are a few of my unwarranted -- well let's just be blunt, they're irredeemably stupid -- assumptions:

There must be a problem with the Google News algorithms, because people can't really be more interested in the Prince of England's wedding than natural disasters, scientific discoveries or actually important political developments.

A vast number of people forged their college certificates rather than managing to escape university intellectually unscathed, without the critical thinking skills or creativity necessary to hold a moderately interesting conversation.

My time could be better spent arguing with the sort of people who try to convince me of the objective superiority of relativism than knitting or repeatedly banging my head against a table.

People do not really spend their time writing what ends up being millions of fanfics, they are all created by simple literary generator with an tendency towards using lurid adjectives. And of course no one reads these fanfics; it's a purely intellectual exercise.

There are not people in the world (whom I happen to know and love) who believe that we should cut government spending while providing more "free" public healthcare. ..and these are not the same people that complained about "socialized medicine" in Britain.

Even if all of the above beliefs are false, I'm not certainly doomed to a life of lonely elitism, which will slowly ripen into a simplistic and undiscriminating sort of jerkiness.